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Tennessee licensed speech and language pathologist providing therapy for myofunctional disorders, tongue thrusting, stuttering, articulation and more

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“Ms. Connelly, I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t helped me. I’ve been working on this sound for soooo long – and you were the only therapist that helped me finally get it!”
-C. age 12

“How can one therapist demonstrate consistent discipline, establish fair expectations, motivate, and still make us laugh and want to come to therapy? Thank you so much for helping both of our kids and for seeing their individuality!”
-Parent of 10 and 13 yr old.

“Hey Jennifer – I’m cured! You rock; thanks for all your patience; you never lost faith in me even when I did!”
-E. age 17

“Jennfer truly is amazing at what she does and even makes therapy fun! She taught me more than I ever thought I needed to know about swallowing! I really enjoyed her positive energy and her understandng personality. I would highly recommend therapy – it is incredible and makes a world of difference.”
-Adult patient seen for tongue thrusting

“My patients have appreciated both their treatment success and manner in which you cared for them. Your work has always reflected well on me, as people like to know their doctor works with top notch people.”
-Dr. R. – referring doctor.

Verbal Design Services, Inc.

9001 E. Bloomington Freeway Rd

Suite #141

Bloomington, MN 55420


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