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Myofunctional Disorders

Myofunctional Disorders are often referred to as “tongue thrusting.” The typical patient may be considering (or in the throes of) orthodontics because of the damage this behavior can do to the bite. Simply stated, tongue thrust is the resting of the tongue against or between the teeth, and the pushing of the tongue against or between the teeth during swallowing. The typical patient may have a history of airway obstruction (enlarged tonsils or adenoids, or allergies), and may feel more comfortable mouth breathing than breathing through the nose.

Jennifer Connelly is an active member of the International Association of Orofacial Myology and has had the privilege of studying this disorder on a post graduate level.  Her Minneapolis clinic specializes in this disorder, and has a higher than average success rate for the motivated patient.  This is a problem easily solved for patients age 7.0 through adult!

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