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Tongue Thrusting Information


An Oral Myofunctional Disorder is commonly called Tongue Thrusting. It is easily defined as “a forward pressure of the tongue against the teeth during rest and swallowing.” It can be accompanied by persistent open mouth posture, exacerbating the low, forward position of the tongue, and in some cases digit habits as well.


All humans tongue thrust until about age six years. By age 7.5 to 8.0 years of age the adult swallow should be habitually in place. If a tongue thrust persists, it will negatively affect the bite development and most assuredly interfere with the stability of orthodontics. Correcting a tongue thrust removes a common factor of orthodontic relapse. Most referrals come from orthodontists, general dentists, pediatric dentists, and oral surgeons.


The most appropriate time to address a myofunctional disorder (or “tongue thrust”) is after the age of eight years of age. Thumb and finger sucking should not persist past the age of 5 years of age. Patients 16 years of age and older, are statistically the group with the highest percentage of correction! Don’t hesitate to refer adults, they are typically highly motivated.


Tongue thrusting most commonly persists past the age of seven years when there is history of enlarged adenoids or tonsils, chronic allergies, deviated septum, nasal inflammation…or any condition which obstructs the airway. Many have a history of chronic ear infections as a baby or child. This condition encourages a low forward tongue position in order to create a larger posterior airway, resulting in vertical facial growth, anterior open bites, lip incompetency, as well as weak buccal and lip musculature. Ignoring the condition typically results in orthodontic relapse, can contribute to TMJD, and negatively affects normal tooth eruption


Through intensive neuromuscular, cognitive, and behavior training, permanent change is made. The patient is individually seen over a period of months and specifically training is critical to ensure lasting success. Periodic reports with photos are always sent to the referral source to keepĀ all apprised of progress and expectations.

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