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Tennessee licensed speech and language pathologist providing therapy for myofunctional disorders, tongue thrusting, stuttering, articulation and more

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Presentation Skills

If your profession requires public speaking, your voice and or speech can make or break that presentation and possibly that sale! In our program called “Presentations Plus” you’ll have the ability to fine tune your voice quality, learn how to present in a relaxed and authentic manner, correct any grammar or speech errors that may plague your presentation, and learn how body posture and gestures can either enhance or destroy your presentation. Training can be given individually, in small groups, or on-site.

Accent Modification

Verbal Design Services, Inc has over 17 years of experience working with individuals struggling to pronounce English as their second language. While there is minimal chance of the accent being completely eliminated, Ms. Connelly can work with the adult foreign born individual who is striving to better pronounce English vowels and consonant sounds, and significantly reduce their accent. Included in these coaching sessions is the opportunity to build a larger English vocabulary, correct common grammar errors, and better understand and use American idioms and slang. Participants are encouraged to bring work related vocabulary and needs to their sessions to ensure that all learning is practical and immediately functional. Whether it be phone skills, meeting presentations, client relationships, or personal self-confidence Verbal Design Services, Inc can help the ESL speaker improve his/her speaking confidence.

Verbal Design Services, Inc.

9001 E. Bloomington Freeway Rd

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Bloomington, MN 55420


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